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Comprised of skilled DevOps engineers, data experts, and product management professionals, we specialize in empowering startups, SMBs, and enterprises to optimize their operations, streamline processes, and drive data-centric innovation. Experience the future of DevOps and DataOps with InfiniT.

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We are relentless in our pursuit of tech excellence, harnessing popular cloud solutions to ignite innovation and transform your business operations.

The InfiniT Team

Team image
Image of "Yaniv Peleg"Image of "Yaniv Peleg"
Yaniv Peleg
Image of "Uri Corin"Image of "Uri Corin"
Uri Corin
Image of "Israel Luker"Image of "Israel Luker"
Israel Luker
Image of "Daniel Shtaiman"Image of "Daniel Shtaiman"
Daniel Shtaiman
HR Manager
Image of "Jacob Pinto"Image of "Jacob Pinto"
Jacob Pinto
DevOps Architect
Image of "Evgeny Tofler"Image of "Evgeny Tofler"
Evgeny Tofler
Data Engineer
Image of "Mustafa Eid"Image of "Mustafa Eid"
Mustafa Eid
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Oren Gross"Image of "Oren Gross"
Oren Gross
Head of Sales and Business Development
Image of "Eden Zilberger"Image of "Eden Zilberger"
Eden Zilberger
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Yair Avital"Image of "Yair Avital"
Raam Yair Avital
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Marina Prezhevalsky"Image of "Marina Prezhevalsky"
Marina Prezhevalsky
Data Engineer
Image of "Karin Schawartz"Image of "Karin Schawartz"
Karin Schwartz
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Gabi Glazberg"Image of "Gabi Glazberg"
Gabi Glazberg
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Boris Shkarupelov"
Boris Bogdan Shkarupelov
DevOps Architect
Image of "Iftach Zilka"Image of "Iftach Zilka"
Iftach Zilka
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Tomer Giladi"Image of "Tomer Giladi"
Tomer Giladi
Data Engineer
Image of "Rafael Chamo"Image of "Rafael Chamo"
Rafael Ben Chamo
DevOps Engineer
Image of "Shiri Shmaya"Image of "Shiri Shmaya"
Shiri Shmaya
DevOps Engineer
Roman Goldbrak
Data Engineer
Einat Milo
Data Engineer

Unleash Limitless DevOps Possibilities With InfiniT

Our comprehensive suite of cutting-edge solutions maximizes efficiency, scalability, and agility, driving innovation and success for your organization in the digital era.

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