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Turn your infrastructure cost-efficient with InfiniT, through a tailored solution and a hassle-free implementation.

Handling your FinOps with Extra Care

Tailored cost optimization illustration

Tailored Cost Optimization

Unlock optimized solutions tailored to your cloud needs, maximizing cost savings and efficiency.

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Flexible Payment Model

Save first and pay later with our unique pay-per-save approach, ensuring cost-effectiveness for your business.

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Sustainable Savings

Start saving now and enjoy long-term cost reduction benefits that extend well into the future.

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Effortless by Design

Seamless and hassle-free implementation, allowing you to focus on your core work while we handle the optimization process.

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Our Work Process


Cloud Cost Audit

We conduct a thorough analysis of your current cloud usage, identifying challenges, opportunities, and areas for improvement to optimize your cost savings.


Tailored Cost-Saving Offer

We propose a personalized plan to transform your existing cloud solution into a cost-effective one, while defining a transparent service fee that aligns with your budget.


Seamless Implementation

Our expert team seamlessly implements the recommended cost-saving solution, ensuring a hassle-free experience and delivering tangible results for your cloud cost reduction.



Three months after implementing the solution, we evaluate the effectiveness of the solution and charge you based on the actual savings achieved, following a pay-per-save approach.

Why FinOps by InfiniT?


compute costs


storage costs


instances costs

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